Our mission

We’d noticed that the employer branding profession is still widely misunderstood, and business appreciation of the impact it can have is highly varied.

By talking to leaders around the world we realised the employer brand community is significant, over 15,000 globally, but still it’s highly fragmented. Industry education has mainly been driven by vendors, and internal practitioners don’t always make the time (or have the platform) to share and benchmark their practices.

We wondered if there was a way to strengthen the global community and raise the understanding of employer branding - at a business level.

So we decided to start Employer Brandwagon, a site dedicated to providing practical and useful insight into what global employer branding leaders are doing, so that the rest of us can learn from them more quickly.

We will focus on the trending topics within employer branding but provide more nuanced, deeper perspectives than what exists today. We’ll have internal champions showcase their achievements, challenges and failures, in order to better the global employer brand community and themselves.

This will push our collective thinking, empower us to build on what we’re doing today, and arm us with confidence and evidence for what we can do tomorrow.

If we can help accelerate the transmission of good ideas even a little bit, that could be a big deal across this small but powerful industry.

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